Hey there !

I'm Camille Devoulon

I come from the South of France, I grew up between the mountains and the sea with lots of sunshine!

I recently moved to Amsterdam and being a guitarist, a passionate teacher and open to a new challenge, I decide to create my own music school here.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to become a guitar teacher. The desire to pass on my knowledge, to use music as a way of communication, to see someone’s imagination grow and to experience the creativity of my students is what fascinates me. For me music is very much about enjoying and sharing.

What do I offer ? Guitar lessons in English and Dutch Music for Young Children in French.

My values

My approach to teaching is all about playfulness, kindness and using diverse ways to reach musical goals.




I think learning something in a playful way is important. It is important that my students enjoy and feel comfortable with the learning process. Kindness and patience are the most important parts of my job. I use a variety of ways to reach musical goals. We are all unique individuals so it is important to use different pedagogical techniques or suggest different tips to different students.


A committed and curious musician, I began discovering the world of music in a small school in the South of France. Very quickly, polyphonic music took an important place in my life as well as my guitar, choir and musical groups. At the age of twelve I realised that becoming a guitar teacher was my biggest dream.

So after visiting the Conservatoire in Perpignan, I studied at different schools of music in France and Belgium, to perfect my guitar playing and to gain a pedagogy diploma (Bachelor and Master). Passionate about teaching I worked with a variety of students in guitar orchestras or as a choir conductor during my studies.

I use the Willems Music Education system. A program which bases its approach on the psychological relationship between music, the human being and the creative mind. I also used this approach in the educational system of the Montessori school in Angleur, Belgium.

I play in several professional ensembles Duo Amele-Camille or with Les Demoiselles Tisseuses company playing especially for young audiences. 

I dream of music education which allows everyone to express their personality through music.


Guitar teacher - Music teacher with Alliance Française in Amsterdam
Music for young children teacher in ArteMusic
- in Liège, Belgium
Master Diploma in Teaching - in Liège, Belgium
Guitar teacher in Conservatoire of Music
- in Perpignan, France
Conductor of the choir « La Cantilène »
- in Thuir, France
Guitar teacher in the Academie of Welkenraedt - Music teacher in the Montessori school - in Angleur, Belgium
Co-director of « Music for you Maastricht»
- in Maastricht, Netherland
Diplôme National Supérieur du Musicien Professionnel and Bachelor of music - in Dijon, France
Diplôme d'Etat of music teacher - in Toulouse, France

They trusted me

Listen to me

L'éveil musical pour les enfants

"Choro" - Celso Machado - Flute and Guitar Albane Tamagna and Camille Devoulon - recording in 2018, in Belgium

Teaser des Demoiselles Tisseuses, 2019 with Camille Devoulon, guitar - Séraphine Porte, voice and Ambre Tamagna, cello.

Music in pictures

2) camille devoulon

Cie Les Demoiselles Tisseuses

December 2018, le Sénacle Besançon, France.

1) affiche Duo Amele Camille

Duo Amele-Camille

pour violon et guitare

3) camille devoulon

Cie Les Demoiselles Tisseuses

December 2018, le Sénacle Besançon, France.

4) camille devoulon

Stage musical en Pays Audois 2ème édition

avec Albane Tamagna.

5) camille devoulon

Duo Amele-Camille

concert à la chapelle de Coustouges, France.

6) camille devoulon

Stage musical en Pays Audois 3ème édition

ensemble de guitare, Abbaye de St Hilaire, France.

7) camille devoulon

Séance musicale école La Belle jardinière

inspiration Montessori 2019-2020, à Angleur, Belgique.

9) camille devoulon

Direction de choeur- Concert avec la chorale la Cantilène de Thuir

July 2015, Thuir, France.

Chorale Amsterdam noel

Chorale Amsterdam noel

chorale amsterdam french

Chorale Amsterdam noel

photo chorale - Copie


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